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Our sustainability Journey

New Boarding facilities provide carbon neutral accomodation for pets and rescue animals

Happy Landings have recently completed development of a new canine boarding facility which is designed to be carbon neutral.  That’s one big step on the journey, and we are now looking at all the supplies needed to support our kennels and rescue facilities to ensure these also meet sustainability guidelines.

We have been meeting with vendors who share our sustainability mission and have agreed a list of suppliers to provide us with pet supplies for our boarding facility and for sale to the public, to help in raising funds.  This includes Food, pet beds, cleaning products, and essential supplies such as biodegradable poop bags and toys.

Did you know?

According to one estimate, owning a medium-size dog can have a similar carbon footprint to a large SUV!  As well as food, pets need toys, grooming products and various accessories, which also come at an environmental cost.

Happy Landings Pet Supplies

If you are interested in reducing your pet’s carbon footprint and would like to help us continue our work, we have a number of products that are available for delivery direct to your home.

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