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Danish Design

Here at Danish Design we’ve been working our paws off – designing and producing fabulous bedding for dogs and cats for more than 30 years, in the beautiful heart of Yorkshire. Our reputation reaches far and wide and as market leaders we always deliver super quality products throughout the UK and Europe. Everything we produce is designed to provide style, comfort and functionality for any discerning pet and owner. We really do care about every last detail and we’re especially dedicated to caring for our customers – excellence comes as standard.

Danish Design has the bottle to tackle plastic


Following a long-standing position of recycling over 90% of our waste, we are now proud to be using 100% recycled fibre in the manufacture of our beds. This recycled PET flake is produced by shredding plastic bottles, which are then cleansed and heated to produce a liquid that is forced through a sieve to produce a thread that forms a fibre once cooled. This fibre can then be processed through our carding facility at our factory. By switching to PET recycled fibre we can ensure that around eight million plastic bottles a year are stopped from reaching landfill, our natural environment and the oceans.

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