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Josera Balance

Josera Balance

SKU: 50003700

Fat and protein reduced recipe for our seniors.  A special diet designed to boost vitality even in old age.  The reduced protein and fat content helps to ease strain on the metabolism.  The balanced and extremely well tolerated formula containing suitable antioxidents helps to counteract cell aging

  • For older and less active dogs with a lower energy requirement
  • Low fat recipe to prevent obesity
  • The low fat content and L-carnitine encourage an optimal ration of fatty tissue and muscle mass
  • together with Taurine, L-carnitine also supports cardiovascular functions.
  • Why Choose Josera?

    1. Josera produce ALL of their own food 

    2. Sustainable – high-efficiency “smart” factory runs on certified green energy and employee journeys and logistics are completely carbon neutral by 2020.  

    • This means Josera & Green Petfood are going further than ANY other pet food producer 

    • Warehouse was constructed using more expensive locally sourced Glulam instead of steel saving 2,100 tons of carbon emissions 

    3. Award-winning ingredients 

    • The ONLY pet food producer to certify ingredient quality 

    • DLG-certification (the highest standard in Germany, no equivalent in the UK) 

    • DLG accredits for:  Ingredient provenance  Ingredient quality  Product taste  Production 

    4. Very low daily feed rations compared with most competitors 

    • lower cost per day 

    • better for the environment o more nutritionally dense 

    • better for the digestion (prevents issues such as gastric torsion and bloat) 

    5. Highly digestible 

    • Because of extremely high-quality ingredients 

    • This means less is needed per day which means poos are smaller and firmer 

    • 100% QC in and out of factory 

    6. Recipes for all life stages with all needs covered 

    • Free from wheat, soy and GM ingredients 

    • Free from artificial flavourings and preservatives, dairy and sugar 

    • All recipes bar one are gluten free 

    • Grain-free options 

    • Great for joints - lots of Glycosaminoglycans and only the highest quality oils used.  Many dog food recipes have New Zealand Green-Lipped mussel meat too  

    • Biotin and easily assimilated organically bound Zinc, Manganese and Copper for healthier skin and coat 

    • Sensitive digestion catered for in Sensi Junior & Sensi Adult products with rice and psyllium (binds 40x its own weight in water) 

    • Hypoallergenic Marinesse recipe for cats with food intolerances 

    • Dietary fibre in cat food to reduce hairball formation – even for longer coats 

    • Carismo caters for senior cats and cats suffering from chronic renal insufficiency with reduced phosphorus content, but all recipes encourage a pH-value of 6.0 – 6.5 to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation. 

    • Meat options are: poultry, lamb, duck, salmon, insect